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Isimac Machine Company is responsible for making many of the unseen yet essential components and custom-machined piece parts that make up devices we take for granted. An extensive list of materials are machined from small lots to production quantities. These components make up the “nuts and bolts” of devices found in hospitals, fiber optics technology and many electronic venues. From designing the manufacturing process to engineering the inspection process to cutting material to final inspection we expect to exceed our customers expectations of accuracy, repeatability & overall quality.

We are constantly updating our product manufacturing capabilities and efficiency in several ways. We are upgrading equipment to increase yields and to produce better end products. Our staff is required not only to have shop experience, but to increase their knowledge of manufacturing and equipment capabilities.

Our internal departments are constantly evolving and relearning as technology grows. We feel it is necessary to keep an open mind; not only in technology but to the customers often changing needs. We have complete confidence from our years of experience that you’ll receive your products on time and on budget.

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