We make the “PARTS” that drive technology.


Among our work areas are the CNC Turning, CNC Swiss Turning, CNC Milling, Manual Machining, Grinding, Deburring/Finishing, Laser Etching and Packaging/Shipping Department. Manufacturing is performed on a unique blend of equipment acquired because of their different capabilities, accuracy and reliability. Our CNC Swiss turning department has the capabilities of manufacturing complex geometries with our multi axis dual spindle machines. We also have a department of manual Swiss equipment from toolmakers and engine lathes and miniature bench lathes. Small lot production and tooling are performed on this type of equipment. However, depending upon the type of material being machined and the geometry of the part, even production machining is completed with this equipment because of the excellent “feel” these tools give the operator.

isimac-machinery-2A family of machining centers are capable of meeting all your small to medium size milling work. Whether larger volumes of material need removing, or high speed drilling and tapping are your requirements, our equipment is capable of meeting those requirements. Automatic fourth axis dividing heads and multiple fixturing is often utilized.

CNC turning on a selection of bar and chucking machines is accomplished by highly skilled technicians. Some equipment has milling capabilities to provide completed parts depending upon geometry. Programs are developed off line at a cad workstation, then downloaded to the machine tool. All programs are archived for future use.

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