Isimac Company News

Isimac Company News

Our Latest Equipment Purchases

The Star CNC ECAS-20T

The first twelve-axis [12] Swiss Style Machine of its kind with a completely independent three (3) turret-design allowing three (3) tools to be used at any time, working simultaneously in the cut. Fully independent front / back machining capability with a huge variety of tools makes complicated parts a simple task enabling them to be completed in a single operation. The Star Motion Control System provides fast rapids and a quick tool change with great accuracies, the ECAS-20T is suitable for traditionally difficult and complex parts to manufacture.

The multi-axis turret allows ultra high-speed and flexible machining of complicated components and if conditions permit, 3 tools in cut simultaneously.

Complex machining is such as turning, milling, skewed hole drilling and deep-hole drilling can be done simultaneously by opposed twin turrets, reducing the cutting time.

Complex machining is possible equally and simultaneously with the front end machining. This model may also be used for picking up eccentric components and machining the rear ends.

The Star SW-20

The pursuit of reduced idle times both mechanically and electrically through the latest software allow complex components to be manufactured in the fastest possible times to improve both production output & profitability.

Rofin Laser Etcher

Repeated scanning of a two-dimensional outline, commonly used with deep marking and trimming, will yield to a 2½ -dimensional ablation with flat bottom and tapered walls. Walls with defined conicity and bottoms with arbitrary topography can also be realized.